About the Event

The Fifth edition of the Nitrosamine Impurities forum scheduled for the 27th-28th of June 2023, in Van der Valk Hotel Amsterdam will have one day workshop and one day conference. The forum aims to discuss the recent developments related to N-Nitrosamine impurities, the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry, and work towards possible solutions that may lead to a world with lower levels of nitrosamines.

The first day is hosted by the doyen of Nitrosamines Impurities Dr. Andrew Teasdale focusing majorly on the latest trends and challenges in N-Nitrosamines, safety assessments, regulatory frameworks including ICH-M7, risk assessment models with various case studies.

Adding more to the knowledge base of participants, the second day is focused on imparting a deep understanding of various aspects of Nitrosamines impurities backed by multiple speaker sessions and panel discussions from distinguished industry experts.